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Diamine - Shimmering Fountain Pen Ink, Solstice, 50ml, Inkvent

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Diamine - Shimmering Fountain Pen Ink, Solstice, 50ml, Inkvent

The inks from the Inkvent calendar are finally available individually!

Diamine shimmering inks have a magical property.
This characteristic makes your writing something special.
Diamine shimmering inks have a pearlescent effect and give your text that special something.
In the producer business since 1864, Diamine Inks moved to a state-of-the-art factory in Liverpool built in 1925 and later near the famous Aintree race track.
Despite all the changes, the Diamine brand and manufacturing methods have been preserved, symbolizing the finest quality of inks, inks and ink pads.

Thanks to their high quality, Diamine inks can be used in all fountain pen brands.
Suitable for fountain pens, and fountain pen cartridge fillers can be converted to use barrel ink with the help of a converter.

Color: Solstice
Contents: 50ml