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Sea salt flakes Escates del Mediterrani 250 g - Flor de Sal d'es Trenc

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Sea salt flakes Escates del Mediterrani 250 g - Flor de Sal d'es Trenc

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Manufacturer: Flor de Sal

86922 Calvia


Flor de Sal d'es Trenc is pure nature of Mallorca. This on the natural beach Platja d'es Trenc handmade, crystallized in the sun sea salt contains a variety of healthy and important ingredients for our well-being. Over 80 essential minerals and trace elements are detectable, especially rich in magnesium and potassium. Without additives is Flor de Sal is a completely natural product. The little-known natural beach Platja d'Es Trenc is located in the south of Mallorca, near the picturesque village of Santanyí. The sea water is particularly clean in this area. It is run in shallow pools. Sun and wind can dry the water remains pure sea salt. At the edge of the pool but a very low humidity forms on hot days with the help of wind, a crystalline layer of large crystals. The shape of the crystals is reminiscent of flowers, hence the name Flor de Sal (salt flower). This salt crust is collected by hand and then spread on drying tables to dry. Because Flor de Sal is completely untreated, it binds humidity and is always slightly damp.

Country: Spain

Region: Mallorca

Storage temperature: room temperature

Ingredients: sea salt sea salt

Organic farming: No

Vegetarian: Yes

Vegans: Yes

Diabetics: Yes

Genetically modified: No

Contents: 250 grams

Drained: no information

Nutritional information per 100g:


kcal: no information

kj: no information

Fat (g): No Information

of which Saturated fatty acids (g): No Information

it simply Unsaturated fat (g): No Information

of which polyunsaturated fatty acids (g): No Information

Carbohydrates (g): No Information

Carbohydrates sugar (g): No Information

Carbohydrates MehrwAlko (g): No Information

Carbohydrates strength (g): 0

Dietary fiber (g): 0

Protein (g): 0

Salt (g): 100

Vitamins and minerals (mg / ug): 0

Gluten: No

Crustaceans: No

Eggs: No

Fish: No

Peanuts: No

Soy: No

Milk Lactose: No

Nuts: No.

Celery: May contain traces

Mustard: May contain traces

Sesame seeds: No

SulfitSchwefedioxyd: No

Lupins: No

Molluscs: No

Beef: No

Pork: No

Chicken: No

Corn: No

Cocoa: No

Legumes: May contain traces

Glutamate: No

Coriander: May contain traces

Carrot: May contain traces

Yeast: No

Benzon: No

Azo dyes: No

Tarazin: No

Cinnamon: May contain traces

Vanillin: No

Trisacharide: No