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Hot paprika, smoked 75 g - El Avion

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Pimentón Picante Ahumado

Hot paprika, smoked

75 g, origin: Spain / Alicante

Pure Spanish tradition! This is El Avion Pimenton, which can be found in every Spanish kitchen and adds a personal touch to many dishes.
The special feature of El Avion is the traditional slightly smoky flavor component that arises from a special smoking process: After grinding the dried red peppers, the powder is lightly smoked. By the way, we use the same oaks of whose acorns the Iberian pig feeds. Simply pure Spanish tradition!
El Avion exclusively processes mature and healthy peppers, which is why no dyes must be added, and it is thus a purely natural product. In the kitchen, the powder is used to give color and spice dishes. It fits the classic paella, but also for seasoning meat, fish, cheese and stews.