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Schreiber-Bogen Card Modelling Piper Super Club 1:24

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Schreiber-Bogen Card Modelling Piper PA-18 Super Club

Colored model to cut and stick!

Material: Paper, Cardboard

Number of sheets: 3

Standard: 1:24

Degree of difficulty : 2

The manufacturer classifies his models under 5 degrees of difficulty:

"Child model": very easy and with childlike motives
"0": Beginner model
"1": Easy
"2": Moderately severe
"3": Difficult

Piper Super Cub
The Piper PA-18 Super Cub was mass-produced from the year 1949. The training and reconnaissance plane was originally used for military purposes. It was the successor of the Piper J-3, but the construction was greatly altered. By using aluminium profiles on the wings and reinforcement of the fuselage increased loads and better flying performances were possible. The Piper had two seats and was supplied with different engines. A small generator supplied electricity for the radio set. It was only refitted with batteries later, so that the engine could also be started electrically.
The Piper Super Cub was a low-cost plane and was therefore also very popular in Europe for pilot training in the armed forces. Germany and the Benelux countries were the main customers within Europe. The training planes of the German Federal Armed Forces were additionally equipped with couplings for towing gliders. After one Piper factory in the USA closed during the 80s, from then up into the 90s only assembly kits of the Super Cub were made. With the sale of more than 40,000 Piper Super Cubs, it is considered to be one of the most successful models of aircraft world-wide and is widespread at small airports throughout Europe. This aircraft model became well-known in Germany especially through the Burda Squadron in the 60s.