Victorinox Spartan “VX Colors”, 1.3603.841

Item number 1.3603.841

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Victorinox Spartan “VX Colors”

The main aspect of the design are the colored and assorted cross & shields which are well known by our consumers all over the world. A special collection has been produced,  the “VX Colors” in three different varieties.


    1. large blade
    2. small blade
    3. corkscrew
    4. can opener with
    5. -small screwdriver
    6. cap lifter with
    7. -screwdriver
    8. -wire stripper
    9. reamer, punch
   10. key ring
   11. tweezers
   12. toothpick

Color:      VX Colors
Length:    91    mm
With:       26.5  mm
Heigh:     15     mm

Folding multi-tool blade under 3 inches